“Pouilly Fumé”, what a funny name for a wine! Yet it’s here, in Pouilly-sur-Loire, that the Sauvignon grape develops an unequaled complexity and an aromatic palette.

Dry and fruity white wine, the Pouilly Fumé is generous. It restores the inimitable taste of the soil of Pouilly thanks to its aromas of « flint stone ». Mineral and fruity are its typicality!

Millennia old, the terroir of Pouilly composed of Kimmeridgian marl, hard limestone and flint, gives the Pouilly Fumé its mineral, its finesse and its character sometimes fresh and lively, sometimes frank and long in the mouth, never forgetting an omnipresent fruit. There are gathered citrus (lemony notes, grapefruit), fruits from here and elsewhere (gooseberry, peach, passion fruit, lychee), white flowers (acacia, lily), but also hazelnut or quince.

The subtlety of our terroirs is a curiosity and an invitation: come and discover them at the estate! We offer four vintages detailed below. Our cellar located in the village Les Loges, near Pouilly sur Loire is open all year for tasting and sale.

Wine dishes: Seafood, cold meats, stuffed tomatoes, smoked fish or sauce (pike of the Loire), poultry, cheese (Crottin de Chavignol).

Pay attention: a Pouilly Fumé can be kept between 5 and 10 years, depending on the year and the vintage. In general, the best year is reached in its second or third year. It exists only in white and should not be confused with its Mâconnais friend, Pouilly Fuissé, from the Chardonnay grape variety.

And … Why “Fumé” (or “smoked”)?

At maturity, the berries are covered with a smoke gray film (see photos), which explains why the Pouilly vine growers speak between them of « Blanc Fumé » to designate the sauvignon grape variety or the wines from this grape variety. The term “fumé” (« smoked ») also refers to aromas and flavors (or « fumet ») that are unmatched and recognizable by all (the famous taste of « stone-to-rifle » that emerges from the friction of two flints), conferred on it by the exceptional terroirs of the Pouilly sur Loire vineyard.

Fleur des vignes

I made sure to bring as little as possible, to let the living elements express themselves. It comes from the plot that I have been working for 2 years in biodynamics. It is a cuvée that I sulphited at a reduced dose ("just enough") not deem it necessary to put more

Les vieilles terres

Available in 75cl and 37.5cl, the cuvée "Vieilles Terres" has a light yellow color with green hues, an expressive nose, it is floral and full of finesse. It is a well-balanced wine, with a pleasant liveliness. It is perfect both for the aperitif and during the meal.
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Les champs aux moines

This cuvée has a pale gold dress. It is a fruity and fruity wine, opening delicately on aromas of citrus, displaying an aromatic complexity, gourmet and tasty mineral.

La cuvée plaisir

Fruit of a rigorous selection, resulting from old vines, the "Cuvée Plaisir" is produced on the sunny slopes of the village of the Loges, in the best vintages. This Pouilly-Fumé is of great finesse, round, full, and very aromatic.

La dentelle des Loges

"The Lace of the Loges" is a wine that monopolizes the palate by its freshness, its density, its ability to offer gourmet and elegant perfumes. It is a real prestigious wine.


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