From August 1rst, 2018, « Domaine Dominique Pabiot » becomes « GAEC Dominique et Mallorie Pabiot » following the installation of my daughter, Mallorie, as chief operator.

May the years pass quickly! My wish was that the estate stay in the family thanks to one of my five children … And here I am! I am Mallorie, I wear 25 years in my backpack that allowed me to travel, discover and open myself to new cultures. After several years of humanitarian missions abroad, I am back, « à la source » (to my roots), in the vineyards that I have always known. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

“This new adventure is a delight, it is a pride to see the family estate become permanent.”

The mail address stay the same:


Salon Vinomédia à Lyon (69)
Les 9-10-11 Octobre 2020  

Dégustation au restaurant Diggity, 32 Rue Saint-Maur 75011 Paris (75)
Le 12 Octobre  

Salon des Vignerons Indépendants à Lyon (69)
Du 29 Octobre au 2 Novembre 

Salon des vins à Seclin (59)
Du 30 Octobre au 2 Novembre 


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