Dominique and his daughter Mallorie are working together on the estate.

Mallorie, whose father, Dominique, has founded in 1997 « Domaine Dominique Pabiot », grew up on the family’s vineyard estate where she spent time the way many children in winemaking families do: pruning vines in winter and picking grapes in fall.

In 2017, she returned to her roots and joined her father’s estate. In 2018, Mallorie becomes the 6th generation to work on the estate. From this day, the “Domaine Dominique Pabiot” became “GAEC Dominique et Mallorie Pabiot.”

Our wines are raised in stainless steel tanks.

We do our own labeling and bottling (3 times a year).

In May 2018, we inaugurated a new tasting room in which we are delighted to welcome you! Do not hesitate to call us or send us an email to let us know when you are coming.

Vigneron Indépendant

« Vigneron Indépendant » a collective brand recognizable by its real landmark logo for the consumer.

A handful of women and men created in 1976, the union of independent vine growers. At this time, they are called « Caves Particulières ». This name comes from the harvest declaration on which the vine growers indicate if they are cooperators or in particular cellars. It is the south of France which is the cradle of this group of vine growers. The mesh all over the wine territory has been relatively fast.

In 2003, the movement changed its name to become: Vigneron Indépendant de France (Independent Winegrowers of France).
Today, 7,000 members are distributed in the 32 departmental federations and 10 regional federations.

Vignerons & Parimoine

A real group of winegrowers united by passion and excellence.

Vignerons & Patrimoine is an association of winemakers managed by winemakers to best meet the expectations of our customers. What brings us together is the passion of our profession, of our terroirs, the quest for excellence, and in a few years we have also become friends.


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